Our range of power steering parts is second to none in Brisbane

As your local heavy vehicle power steering specialist, our range of spare parts is truly second to none in Brisbane! In fact, All Power Steering supplies steering products to clients from throughout Australia and South East Asia. We stock everything you need from the most reputable manufacturers in the industry. If you are looking for superior power steering parts, speak to the team at our Archerfield workshop today.
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Victor Steering Wheels

At All Power Steering you can choose from a wide range of top quality Victor Steering Wheels. Our 18 inch steering wheels are available in a choice of mahogany, leather or polyurethane. The Overlander 3 steering wheel is also available in 16 inch.

Power Steering Boxes

All Power Steering stocks Sheppard, TRW/Ross, Nippon and ZF exchange steering units. We have steering boxes to suit trucks and buses of all makes and models including Mack, Kenworth, Freightliner, International, Western Star, Isuzu, Scania, Hino, Mitsubitishi, Volvo, UD, Ford and Mercedes. All exchange units are backed by a 12 month warranty.

Power Steering Pumps

If you need power steering pumps, we have got a great selection of new and exchanged pumps from Vicker, Eaton, TRW, Luk, Hino and ZF.

With options for Kenworth, Western Star, International, Ford, Hino, Freightliner, Mack, Volvo, Scania and Mercedes trucks and buses, you are sure to find the right steering pump for your heavy vehicle.

If you are having problems with your steering pump our friendly staff can diagnose, repair and rebuild it quickly and dependably.

Steering Slip Joints

All Power Steering can supply and replace steering slip joints for almost any heavy vehicle.
Truck wheels

Truck with power steering

Drag Links

All Power Steering has drag links to suit most makes of trucks and buses, made right here on the premises. We can carry out custom drag link assembly from a provided sample for uncommon models. Our drag links come with removable tie rod ends. 

We are a leading source of drag links for new buses being manufactured in Australian workshops. Just supply us with a design and we can make a drag link to suit your needs! They can be provided with clamps at both ends or lock nuts if access is limited.

All new trucks are fitted with drag links with one fixed and one removable ball joint. Our ball joints come in a large range of thread sizes and are fully adjustable, allowing for optimal steering adjustment and centering.

Spare Parts

Extend the life of your steering system by servicing or replacing bearings periodically. You will find a large variety of bearings at All Power Steering.

Filters are essential for effectively removing contaminants from oil. All Power Steering has filters to fit most makes and models.
Ball Joints
Ball joints are the pivot between the wheels and the suspension. They are critical to the safe operation of your vehicle's steering and suspension. All Power Steering stocks a range of ball joints to suit all major automotive brands.

Sector Shafts
The sector shaft is a critical component of any power assisted steering gear. It is particularly vulnerable to fracture due to the loads transmitted through the steering linkage. All Power Steering provides sector shafts suitable for most makes and models.

Pitman Arms
A pitman arm is a linkage attached to the steering gear sector shaft. It converts the angular motion of the sector shaft into the linear motion needed to steer the wheels. All Power Steering stocks a wide variety of pitman arms for most make and models.
Universal Joints
A universal joint is coupling in a rigid rod that allows the rod to 'bend' in any direction. It is used in shafts that transmit rotary motion. All Power Steering stocks a large variety of universal joints to suit most makes and models.

Seal Kits
All Power Steering carries input, sector or complete seal kits for most truck and buses.

Gaskets are a mechanical seal that fill the space between two surfaces, generally to prevent leakage caused by compression. All Power Steering stocks a wide range of gaskets for most makes and models.
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